Aquali Filters
The perfect choice for you and your coffee machine

Improves the aroma and taste of coffee. Capacity up to 450 cups of espresso coffee or 2 months after exchange.


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AQUALI filters for automatic coffee machines are high quality water filters for automatic coffee machines of world-famous brands: KRUPS, DeLonghi, Jura, Saeco, Bosch, Nivona, Siemens*.

Aquali filters contain an efficient and effective filter bed

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Aquali water filters

  • effectively prevents scale build-up
  • improves the aroma and taste of coffee
  • removes unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine, water hardness, heavy metals, pesticides from water
  • high quality food contact certified, non-toxic materials free of harmful phthalates and bisphenol-A
  • efficient and effective filtration bed
  • a capacity of up to 450 cups of coffee or 2 months after replacement
  • European product – not Chinese replacement

Aquali filters contain an effective filter bed composed of two main components:

  • Active carbon from coconut shell activated with silver ions (black particles and black sticks), which removes chlorine and its derivatives, as well as other substances that disturb the smell and taste of tap water. In the process of absorption and catalytic reduction it removes pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, detergents. Additionally, thanks to nanotechnology, it has bactericidal properties.
  • an ion-exchange resin (creamy amber balls) which removes heavy metals (i.e. lead or copper). It removes the excess of magnesium and calcium ions, thus eliminating the hardness of water. Properly selected resin does not demineralize water completely, which preserves the natural taste of water. Thanks to softening, water loses its unpleasant, metallic taste.
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